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It's often cited that only 10% of software accounts for 90% of its use. Extensive time and effort goes into providing unnecessary modules or the incorporation of extended features which will be extraneous or low value. This not only costs more to create but also increases the complexity of the software to the point where it becomes difficult learn and use and is also expensive to enhance and maintain.

Our aim is to cut through the unnecessary and extract only the essential elements of the solution. We provide a functional, simple and easy to use solution, the 10% that actually adds the value.

Our solutions are available online so with only a web browser and an internet connection required there are no complex installation issues to worry about. You can try them out for free so you can make sure you are getting just what you want at no risk.

We hope you find our products a refreshing change, but most of all useful.

Andrew Henderson 
 - Founder, Grey Rock Software Ltd.

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